Teabots Luxury Tea Analysis

Luxury Tea Trends Analyzed by AI Models

Teabots browses millions of tea-related discussions on social media to learn about tea perceptions and uses this data in its machine learning models to predict trends.

Data Analysis

Most Expensive Teas

This page lists the top 10 most discussed expensive teas

Antique Da-Hong Pao
most expensive tea, aged tea, oolong variety
"so rare because it's 350 years old"
"not sold commonly"
Yellow Gold Tea Buds
gold painted, Singapore only, rarest sold tea
"over the top beverage"
"eat the leaves to consume the gold" "the hype is about the gold"
Vintage Narcissus Tea
wuyi mountains, distinctive flavors
Tieguanyin Tea
seven infusions, chestnut flavor
"named after buddhist iron goddess of mercy"
"blend of black and green teas"
anti-aging, secret ingredient, exclusive
"so many health benefits"
"if you can afford it, get it"
"comes with a concierge service"
Silver Tips Imperial
darjeeling, annual, full moon
"has won awards for its taste"
"enjoy it before bedtime"
Panda Dung Tea
panda droppings, entrepreneurial hype, bamboo nutrients
"prices have dropped since introduction"
"the tea fertilized by panda poo"
Poo Poo Pu-Erh Tea
worm tea, insect feces
"thick and strong with a smooth texture"
"actually incorporates insect excrements"
Gorreana Broken Leaf Tea
copper colored, volcanic soil
The Advantage

The Information You Need

For any business in the tea industry, Teabots gives you a definite advantage by providing you with evolving data about the effectiveness of herbal teas in health and wellness


The Teabots Algorithm never collects or stores any personal information. It analyzes data about tea only, not the people who drink it